November 26, 2005

Sexy Moria (0 Comments)

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Seeing as how I am about to bare my soul to you, I ask you to be kind in your judgement of me. Nothing brings me greater pain than to think of one woman who I never saw again after March 20th, 2004. The first time I saw her, of course the natural male reaction would at least for me would be to instantly lust after her. She was in her mid-thirties about 5’6, 130 pounds or so, very milky white skin, auburn shoulder length red hair and beautiful green eyes like Jade. I was smitten, I loved everything about her, her laugh, her walk, everything. I remember our first conversation when I walked into the video store where I met her. I hoped to see a lot of her, as I must confess I lusted in my heart for her body. She wasn’t some young bimbo, she was in my opinion as ideal as a woman can get. The first day I met her, she had on a black low cut dress. It nearly made my heart stop or beat faster, my body couldn’t decide which one. Her cleavage immediately sent all kinds of hormones racing through my body and making me hot all over.

I had introduced myself to her, Moira was her name. I could only equate the softness and sweetness of her voice and smile with the subtle lovely smell of rain as it falls on a parched desert land. Thinking about her gave me chills. I didn’t know if she wore stockings, but crazily enough, i didn’t give a damn. I wanted her more than anything else I’ve ever desired. All those expensive toys I wanted as a child, the desire then doesn’t even match my desire for Moira, which is a pebble to a mountain in terms of size.

I wasn’t sure if I could get away with dating her, I had wrecked my oldsmobile and was only driving my mom’s car. I don’t think I could have had a night out with Moira. It was unfortunate that circumstances seemed to conspire to keep my lust unsatisfied, unsatiated and ultimately, unquenched.

One day I for some reason was a little frisky. Usually I was very shy around women, but I suppose knowing her for the past few weeks, hearing what she usually talks about on the phone while I looked at the rentals made me more comfortable opening up. I had taken a magazine off the shelf and noticed an ad for a spy movie featuring a woman wearing a smart black jacket and a tight white blouse, but my attention was first drawn to her skirt was a little too short, exposing her garterbelts, at least 3 or 4 inches and the end where they were tightly holding up some beautiful off-brown stockings. My heart jumped as this was my opportunity to joke around and hopefully not get my ass kicked by Moira. No one was in the store and I came around to her and showed her the exciting picture which had seized control of my libido.

“This is how you should dress everyday Moira!”
Moira laughed sweetly.
“I wore that yesterday.”
I was confused, not quite understanding what she meant.
“What do you mean Moira?”
“Oh, I wore the same outfit, except for the skirt, it wasn’t quite so short.”
My mouth instantly became dry and my pulse and breathing rate skyrocketed. She must have noticed I was in the initial stages of being insanely horny.
It took all the residual energy I had to squeak out the next few words, all the blood from my brain had gone southward.
“You-mean… you had on garterbelts and stockings?!”
“Yes, too bad you weren’t here.”
“Will, you… please show me them sometime?” I was still breathing heavy. The counter between me and Moira was the only thing keeping her from seeing evidence of my sexual excitement.
“Yes” she said sweetly, but rolling her eyes.

I had dreams about her. Everytime I came in I felt like I was being annoying, she wasn’t wearing garterbelts any of the days I came in, which was damn near five times a week. I was mad but I was willing to be nice simply because I liked her and was willing to be as nice as I could possibly be to see her in her skimpy and sexy little sussies.

One day however, I came in and asked what happened to Moira. The guy working there told me she had quit. All the energy just came out of me. I didn’t have energy to do much anymore. Now i have even less. Maybe it was wrong and maybe it was psycho or sick to ever request of a woman that she reveal her intimate apparel. I didn’t really care.

I must have sat in the car for half an hour crying before i finally got up the will power to drive home. I still think about her a lot and fantasize not so much sexually about her, but about what could have been. Even though I had no right to do what I did I still felt jilted, cheated, hurt in so many ways. It’s depressed me a lot, but I guess I have to carry on anyway…

August 7, 2005

Today’s Sermon (2 Comments)

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Erotic Stocking Story

It was a beautiful spring morning in North Carolina, the kind of morning you always picture when thinking about the beauty of the South. Sunny and warm, with just a hint of a breeze to refresh. It was also a Sunday morning and Glenn was straightening his tie in the mirror as he prepared for church. Glenn was 28 and from New York. He had a good job in advertising, was making plenty of money and already owned a small house on Long Island. What he didn’t have was a girlfriend. Anymore, that is. In fact, he had a fiancée, but he broke it off after catching her with and ex-boyfriend. That happened four months ago and had turned his life upside down. Despite his friends best efforts he had been unable to find someone new. He was taking a week off to visit with his favourite aunt whose fiftieth birthday was later in the week. A big party had been planned and he didn’t want to miss it. Besides, he figured it might clear his head and maybe change his luck. Aunt Jenny gave a quick knock and poked her head in his room. Come on already, she said. We’re going to be late. The ride to the church was short and pleasant. Glenn made small talk with his Aunt Jenny and her husband, Ken. As a boy, he had made plenty of trips to North Carolina with his Mom. After she passed, the trips became less frequent, but he still enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and slower pace.

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ken were in the church choir and they told Glenn to find a seat near the front and they would see him later in the service. Sit up straight and behave, Aunt Jenny joked, none of that big city attitude. Glenn found a seat near the front and busied himself with the church program while the organ signalled the service was about to begin. He was busy scanning the congregation to his left and didn’t notice her sit down. When he finally did turn her way, the first thing he noticed was her shoe. It was an exquisite white pump with what he guessed to be about a four inch heel. It casually bounced up and down as a sexy gold heart shaped anklet was the next thing to capture his eye. He continued his gaze upwards, past the tight, knee length white skirt and over the trim waist until he reached the large swell of her breasts that jutted out proudly underneath a sky blue blouse. Expensive pearls framed a slender neck leading to the face of an angel. He continued to stare until they locked eyes and Glenn was suddenly aware that she had caught him. He had amateurishly checked her out from head to foot and had been caught like a horny eighth grader. She laughed softly and ran a well manicured hand through her shoulder length curly blonde hair. The sermon began but Glenn didn’t hear a word of it. They were the only two in their row and she sat about six feet from him. She was a walking Southern wet dream and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He kept sneaking glances. He tried to be subtle but she had to sense it. She re-crossed her legs and her skirt rode up a bit higher. Glenn could barely sit still. The preacher, an older balding man, was going on about church business and happenings, but all Glenn could think about was her legs. They were wrapped in a dark tan shade of nylon, the gold anklet winking at him as the light played on it.
wrapped in a dark tan shade of nylon


June 16, 2005

The Vacation Spot (0 Comments)

Erotic Stockings Story

Daniel stepped outside the airport in order to walk to his rental car and the late August heat smacked him in his face. Hard. “Damn…” he said out loud. His wife Nichole stepped outside behind him and also immediately felt it.

It was a gorgeous Florida afternoon and the couple had gotten less than three miles from the airport when the skies suddenly turned black. Within seconds, Daniel had the wipers on high” in order to see the road.

Later that night they were going out eating dinner. Daniel loved to watch his wife get ready. She blew dry her hair and did her make-up, applying a crimson shade of lipstick that matched her nails and toes. He watched, excited, as she slowly rolled on the light blue thigh high stockings and slid the small, white satin thong up her legs. She knew her husband liked to watch her get ready and she always liked to give him a little show.
Sexy Nichole in stockings

She pulled on a light blue tiny dress which barley covered her panties. She topped the outfit off with 4″ white sandals that had straps that tied up her calves. A little perfume, her heart pendant and she were ready to go. “You look great.” was all he could say. “So do you.” she answered as her eyes played over his body. He was wearing black pants and a tight, ribbed, dark grey short sleeved shirt that showed off his arms nicely. She loved his arms and she ran her hands up and down them briefly. “Very sexy.” she said.


June 5, 2005

The Stairwell (584 Comments)

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Erotic Stockings Story

Sarah sat frozen, staring at her computer screen. It told her she had personal mail. She pulled it up and there it was. Untitled. From him.

Feeling self-conscious, she looked around her office. Everything was normal. She had expected all eyes to be on her, but they weren’t. People were all going about their work. Her boss was still inside his office, the door closed. She was very excited and already she could feel that familiar tingling sensation between her legs.

She stared at the blinking icon for a few moments and then double-clicked it. The message came up. She read it. An involuntary shiver went through her body and she could feel the soft hair on her forearms come to attention. She read it again and had to shift in her seat as she felt her pussy begin to moisten at its implications. The message was short and simple, but it told her all she needed to know. One word, actually… Three little letters… It simply read…”NOW.”

Sarah licked her lips as she read the word a final time, then shut off her computer. She took a deep breath, pushed her seat away from her desk and stood up. On shaky legs, she headed for the stairwell.
Sexy Sarah in stockings
On shaky legs, she headed for the stairwell


May 26, 2005

Our first date (0 Comments)

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Erotic stockings story

It was our first date together and it was going very well. We had just finished dessert and were getting to know each other a little more. Amy was around 30 years old and had a stunning figure. We had met through mutual friends and decided it was time we both went out to dinner.

We had been out with a group of friends before; enjoyed a lot of time in each others company, but this was the first time we were alone. The restaurant was my choice and we were sat in the corner at a candlelit table. The whole room was rather dimly lit, an ideal setting for what was turning out to be an ideal evening. Amy was dressed in a black silk dress that rested just above her knees. She was wearing black hosiery of some kind with matching black high heels. She wore a gold chain around her neck with a cross that nestled softly into her bosom. She had pale skin and wore red lipstick, making her look very sensual indeed.

The waiter walked over to the table to collect the dessert plates and I couldn’t help noticing that he was staring under our table. I looked at Amy who smiled at me. As the waiter left the table, I sat back in my chair and tried to look around the table to see what he was looking at.
I could see exactly what he was looking at. Amy had crossed her legs and her skirt had ridden up her thighs. I could see about a centimetre of stocking top and I felt my mouth go dry. I had a thing for women in hosiery anyway, but the thought that Amy was actually wearing stockings turned me on instantly. I couldn’t stop looking.
“What do you find so interesting?” She said suddenly. I sat upright quickly, not knowing where to look, but Amy laughed. “It’s ok, enjoy the view” she said as she looked into my eyes.

“You have great legs” I commented. “Why, thank you, glad you like them!” she replied. Amy lifted her glass and took a sip from her drink. Her eyes never left mine as she placed the glass back on the table.

“Are you a stockings man then?” She asked.
“Yes, I suppose I am” I replied.
“I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve worn stockings with a suspender belt, I didn’t expect to get this much attention!” she looked round at the waiter as she said this, then looked back at me.

“Well, you can’t blame him for looking Amy, I’m guessing he’s getting just as hot looking at them as I am” I said.

Amy smiled again and I felt her foot touch the bottom of my leg. She had slipped her shoe off and her toe was sliding up the bottom of my trouser leg.

“Do they feel nice?” she asked.
“Yes, they do”, I replied, enjoying the way she was making me feel.
“I hope it was worth me putting them on then! I have to admit, I fumbled around for ages trying to clip the suspender belt to the stockings, I’m still not sure if I’ve done it properly” she said.

“I’m sure you’ve done a great job!” I stated “How does it feel wearing them, knowing all the guys in the room are looking?” I asked. And it was true, I had noticed a man across from me who appeared to be having dinner with his wife – he just couldn’t stop turning his head to stare, but he looked away quickly when he knew I was looking at him.

“It turns me on” she replied. “It turned me on why I rolled them up to the top of my thighs and it’s turning me on knowing you are all looking at my legs. Listen, have you ever ‘been’ with a girl who has worn stockings before?”

I was a bit shocked at the question.

“Been? As in slept with?” I asked her.
“Well, just been out with a girl who wears suspenders, did you see her wearing them?”.
“Yes” I admitted. “I bought my ex-girlfriend a heap of underwear to wear, so she sort of wore it to please me I guess”.
“That’s great…but what I want to know is….it’s kind of a silly question….but did she wear her panties over or under her suspender belt?”

I felt my throat tighten as she said this. The alchohol was beginning to loosen Amy up, she appeared to be rather aroused.

“Well, I’m fairly certain it was over her suspender belt, because……” I hesitated.

“Because….what?” she said, encouraging me to go on.

“Because she wore them when we made love, and I can remember slipping her panties off without having to re-adjust everything – if that makes sense”.

“Good for you, we have a suspender expert in the house do we?” she teased, biting her bottom lip as she said this.

“Well, I don’t know about expert!” I said.

“Well you’ve certainly taught me something tonight. I’ve only gone and worn my panties ‘under’ my suspender belt” she said.

“Hey, I don’t think it matters too much” I said, knowing she was just teasing.

“Of course it matters! What sort of girl am I, wearing all this expensive underwear the wrong way!”

“I don’t know if it’s the wrong way, I guess it just depends on….I guess it just depends….” I stopped, my voice breaking up as I glanced under the table again. Amy had slid her fingers under her skirt and appeared to be stroking her suspender belt.

“This is embarrassing but one of my clips has come undone……listen….seeing as your the expert, why not come and show me how they should be worn?” she asked me.
Secretary in sexy stockings
Please show me how they should be worn

I took a second to reply. “What, you wanna go….now?”.

May 18, 2005

The mom (516 Comments)

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Erotic pantyhose story

It was a cold December’s day. I was walking down the dusty dirt road to my girlfriend Jenny’s house, my skateboard slung over my shoulder, my fingers firmly gripping the trucks. She had only been my girlfriend for a couple of days, so many thoughts raced through my mind. I had never been at her place before, so I was kind of nervous. Finally, I reached asphalt where I could ride the rest of the way. I recall having a slight paranoia as cars passed me by, as this was my first visit, and I did not wish to do anything wrong. The trip seemed longer today than I had anticipated for some reason; I had rode my skateboard there many times before (it was a nice skate-park just nearby).

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I reached her property. As I approached the door, her large dogs startled me. I knocked on the door. Suddenly, her mother answered the door. And the sight almost knocked the feet away under me. There, right in front of me, was a gorgeous hot mom. She was dressed only in a short dress, and it made it almost impossible for me NOT to stare at her huge boobs. But what really hit me and made my dick stand like a solider, was her long legs covered in black pantyhose. This was my fetish above everything. I loved moms with big boobs, but nothing could turn me on more than a woman in pantyhose.
When I finally cleared my brain for a second, I recalled her words; “Hi there. Jenny is not home right now, she had to work late today”. Right there I didn’t care, but when I was turning around on my way to go, she spoke again: “But would you like to come in for a cup of coffee or soda or anything?” Shit, my dick did all the thinking, so I replied yes pretty quick. The only thing in my mind was getting a closer look at her feet and legs, so I could run home and jerk off. Sounds pathetic, but that’s the way a young mind works.

When I stepped in, Sammy (as her name was) told me to sit down and wait for a second. I sat down on a big soft sofa in the living room. My blood was running really fast, but it was very exiting and I felt really comfortable. A minute later Sammy returned from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. She sat down right beside, crossed her legs and lent back. Her pantyhose foot was actually touching mine. My cock almost exploded. She asked me a couple of ordinary questions, and I replied as well as I could. But one question really shook me. All of the sudden she asked me if I could help her fix a broken leg on her bed. I replied as before, a shaky “yes”. She walked up the stairs and I followed as fast as I could. Walking UP a stair gives a pretty good view up a short skirt. Sammy was not skinny at all, but not fat either. She was perfect. While inside her bedroom, I didn’t know what do to. But that didn’t seem like a problem. The bed looked just fine. Suddenly, she got down on her all four, and apparently looked for something under the bed. While she was standing like this, I could see her juicy round butt and her pantyhose feet. She turned her head and caught me staring at her ass. She stood up and walked over to me. I froze. She put her hand on my dick witch almost exploded. “I need a young hard cock, and I need it now!”

I didn’t say anything as she took of my clothes one by one, slowly. When I was completely naked, she pushed me gently down on the bed and asked me to lie down. The next second later she started to suck my dick. My dick was harder than ever and it felt great. While giving me the best blowjob I had ever gotten, she took off her clothes. Started with her sweater and bra. When her big breasts came out and touched my dick I came like never before. All of my cum was now in her mouth and on her big juicy tits.
Mom in pantyhose sucking dick

I didn’t want this to be the end, so I finally got my act together and took command. While she was lying on her back, I dragged off her skirt, leaving her only in her black pantyhose. Wow… now I could see the white blonde panty underneath. This was just how I wanted it. I ripped a hole in her pantyhose, pulled her panties aside and started licking her pussy. It was already wet. Very wet. Even her pantie was completely wet. Shit, it was exiting to see a mature wet pussy. I continued licking. My dick was hard again and ready for some real pussy. I crawled up on her and slipped my dick inside her. Her eyes were closed all the time and she mourned. God this was amazing. I spread her legs and bended her in a position that gave me perfect view. Her pantyhose thighs and legs and feet were perfect. I fucked her and gave her every inch of my hard dick. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. “Turn around and get on all four” I said. She didn’t hesitate and gave me a view I will never forget. Her butt was covered in pantyhose and it had a hole where I could fuck her pussy through. I shoved it in again and continued to fuck her hard.
Mom in pantyhose fucked

A minute later when I was about to come, she asked me to fuck her in the ass… She opened a drawer and found some oil which she poured over her ass. My dick slipped in easily. After pumping her in her tight ass for a couple of minutes, I came again. I pulled my dick out, and squirted all over her pantyhose ass. She mourned, turned around, and kissed me on my mouth. “Thanks, I really needed that” she whispered in my ear. I got dressed, said goodbye and stumbled out. I felt that I had to break up with Jenny, but before I made that decision I had to run home for another jerk off.

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April 11, 2005

The air stewardess-model (0 Comments)

Erotic nylon story

A number of years ago, I had a neat experience on a local commuter airline. Shortly after boarding one morning, I seated myself in an aisle seat where I knew I would have a nice view of the stewardesses. On this flight, there was one particularly beautiful stewardess – a beautiful blonde girl in her mid-20s, about 5’7″, trim, and with slender legs. Her name was Lynn. Her uniform consisted of a one-piece dark blue, knee-length dress, coffee-colored hosiery, and 2″ heels.
Nylon stewardess
Coffee-colored hosiery

As Lynn walked down the aisle checking to see whether everyone was seated properly, I couldn’t take my eyes off her tightly-fitting dress that showed a trace of what she wore underneath. When she reached up to check the overhead bins, her dress rode up to reveal the dark top of her pantyhose. When she walked past my seat, I made sure my arm stuck out a little on the armrest. Sure enough, her nylon-clad leg brushed against my arm, sending an electrical charge up to my head. Mercifully, we took off shortly after. I chose my seat well. She sat up ahead in the stewards’ chairs facing the rear. I had a clear view of her as she sat during takeoff. The gorgeous view of her legs sheathed in coffee toned nylons sure beat the scenery outside. As she crossed her legs and re-crossed them, I could almost hear the distinct sound of nylon above the engine’s din. There were many tantalizing views of her pantyhose as her dress rode up enough to provide glimpses of her thighs.

In the middle of the short flight, she came down the aisle serving juice, soda, and water. As she approached me, the plane must have hit an air pocket as it dropped suddenly, sending Lynn tumbling backward onto the aisle. She couldn’t keep her balance and fell on the floor, legs splayed all over – with all the drinks spilling onto her. For a moment, she sat bewildered with her left leg stretched out, her right knee up, and her thin dark blue dress soaked through.


April 4, 2005

Sexing Up the Marriage (0 Comments)

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Erotic stockings story

We have been married for 20 years. Our sex life is almost nothing. We are middle aged, but my wife is a pretty good looking woman. I want sex often, she wants it almost never. She is tall, brown curly hair, nice weight proportion. Her tits are not the biggest, but her juicy ass is everything I ever want.

I suggested once out of desperation that maybe she needs to go out and have an affair. Maybe that would restore her interest in sex. She never said no, which made me wonder. I told her if she ever did that, she would have to come home and tell me all about it while we screwed.

One day, she came home from work and said there was this younger guy at work. He had been “hanging around” her. She had a feeling he was showing interest. She could tell by the way he stared at her legs all the time. My wife loved to wear stockings, as it made her feel sexy and feminine. She had a huge nylon collection and lots of garter belts. I never fancied that as much I knew she wanted me to. He was about 20 years younger than her. So, one day, she went to work with no bra and wearing a rather loose top. Her skirt was shorter than usual, and her black stockings with a black seam, made her very hot. At work she accidentally bended over, so that the top of her shirt would allow him easy visual access to her breasts, and the skirt showed the top of her stockings. She said this really turned her on. I told her that someday; if the boss tells you both to take off work early, ask him if you can come over to his place. She said she would think about it.
She accidentally bended over
She accidentally bended over

So, here is her story:


April 1, 2005

The Secreatry (0 Comments)

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Erotic stockings story

I recently took a job as a salesman for a large firm, and a lot of travelling would be involved. This was a bit of a downside. But, in a way, it also intrigued me, as I had always had a fantasy about going to a strange town and having a one night stand with a complete stranger. I’m married, but have had marital problems on and off for a few years. My wife had a brief affair with her high school sweetheart a few years into our marriage. Though she broke it off, I have always felt betrayed and even sometimes felt the need to get even with her.

As expected, I was sent out of town to one of our affiliate firms. When I got there, I was greeted by their secretary. She had blond brown, shiny, long hair which was pulled up into a tousled looking bun. She had a fabulous body, lean and curvy with nice tits and a firm ass to die for. But the one thing I really noticed was here stockings covered legs. Under her dark grey mini skirt, I could easily see the marks from her garter belt. I had a stockings fetish, but it has been laying dead the last couple of years, since my wife never really liked wearing any kind of hosiery. I felt my dick wake up in a kind of way it has not been for a long long time. This secretary, who was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, had a fabulous body Lean and curvy with nice tits and a firm ass. And the best of it all; her feet! She wore beautiful open high heel shoes, the ones you can see the entire foot. The elegant retro reinforced toe stockings also had a Cuban heel, seamed, which made me absolute crazy. When I finally manage to drag my eyes away from her hot legs, I could see that she new. She caught me STARE at her legs and feet, like only a stockings lover would do. She new I had a nylon fetish. I could feel my cheeks turn red as I tried to hide the bump in my pants. She smiled and we exchanged pleasantries and spoke a few times throughout the day. I had the feeling she was eyeballing.
The Secretary

Nobody in this firm knew that I was married, so I asked the VP that I was working with if the secretary was married. I didn’t want to ask, but I felt out of control. He said “no, in fact she broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago.” That was exactly what I wanted to hear! There was already too much blood in my dick. The next time I saw her, I asked her if she would like to have dinner that night. She smiled and said she did. I didn’t know my way around town very well, so she said we should eat at the restaurant at the hotel where I was staying, which sounded good to me. She said she would meet me at the hotel at 7:00.
The Secretary

I was so nervous, I had been married for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to be getting ready for a date. And only the thought of those black stockings legs, made drove me nuts. Just as I was ready to go down to the lobby at 6:45, there was a knock on my door. I could feel my heart beat faster. I opened up the door and there she stood. In a smaller dress than earlier that day, and still a pair of black retro reinforced heel and toe stockings. Before I even had a chance to say anything, she said “lets not bother with dinner, we both know that all we really want to do is fuck. I could see by the way you looked at me, that you can’t resist a woman in stockings.” I stood there with my mouth hanging open as she walked right in and proceeded to take her coat off. I had no idea what to say, but I could take my eyes of her stunning body and those hot long legs.